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The Daryl Runswick - Accidental Counterpoints and buttons go to the relevant mp3 download pages on iTunes and Amazon, but you can also get the music at Spotify and all the usual outlets. If there's no button this work is not available for download.

The buttons go to the pages on this website where the works appear. Here you get programme notes and images, plus audio of the work. If a download is available the website audio fades out.

The buttons link either to Amazon.co.uk (where indicated) or to your email app so you can order a CD from me. If there's no Buy CD button the music is only available as a download.

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Choral Adagios  ❍
King's Singers  ❍
Jazz  ❍
Cala London Sound  ❍


         The Eternal Song   Runswick: Variations for String Orchestra, Concerto for
    Piano and Nine Instruments, Gentle do not care to know...

         playdreaming The Daryl Runswick Quartet live at Wavendon 1981
          Ray Warleigh, Mick Pyne, Spike Wells

        The Jazz Years Daryl's small group recordings 1968-78, double CD
          Don Rendell, San Sulzman, Alan Skidmore, Spike Wells, Mick Pyne, Tony Hymas...

        dot music for piano   Runswick: dot music, Sonatina,
   Six Studies on b-o-u-l-e-z, Introduction and Fugue in B minor

   Tony Hymas, piano

        Third Sonata for piano
       Aleksander Szram

       £10.95 incl. p&p
           Sonata for Solo Double Bass
       Daryl Runswick, double bass

       £10.95 incl. p&p

    Into the Miraculous
    Sally Burgess, Wissam Boustany, Malcolm King,     Smith Quartet, Douglas Finch, Muriel Bérard

      £10.95 incl. p&p
      Read the 'CD booklet'

       accidental counterpoints
       Flute Sonata

  You can download each work separately
     (links below).
       Daryl Runswick - Accidental Counterpoints      accidental counterpoints for female voice and string quartet
       Sally Burgess with the Smith Quartet

       This music appears on the CD Into the Miraculous (above)
          Flute Sonata for flute and piano
       Wissam Boustany, flute; Douglas Finch, piano
       This music appears on the CD Into the Miraculous (above)
       Daryl Runswick - Island      Island for male voice and piano
       Malcolm King, bass; Muriel Bérard, piano
       This music appears on the CD Into the Miraculous (above)
       Aleksander Szram, Piano - Daryl Runswick: The Scafra Preludes      Scafra Preludes for piano
       Aleksander Szram, piano
       £10.95 incl. p&p
       Aleksander Szram - Gentle Do Not Care To Know... - Single      Gentle do not care to know... for piano
       Aleksander Szram, piano
         Set of 5    Keith Tippett and Daryl Runswick, two pianos
       from Amazon.co.uk

    Piano improvisations by Daryl Runswick

       £10.95 incl. p&p

       Moto Interrotto
       Dicing with De'Ath
       Moto Ripreso

    The Voice Theatre of Daryl Runswick
    Electric Phoenix

       £10.95 incl. p&p

       Four by Five
       Lady Lazarus
       I Sing The Body Electric

    The Humours of Daryl Runswick
    Various artists

       £10.95 incl. p&p

       From Two Worlds
       I Am A Donut
       Mouth Symphony
        Aztec Dances for recorders and piano   Track 17 Cycles by Daryl Runswick
          Jill Kemp and Aleksander Szram

         simple things    Zero7    Track 12 End Theme by Daryl Runswick
       from Amazon.co.uk
         CD contains Theme from My Family and Other Animals by Daryl Runswick
       from Amazon.co.uk
           CD contains Strauss in the Doghouse and American Basses by Daryl Runswick
       from Amazon.co.uk
                         Sonic Readings of Boustrophedon    Daryl Runswick
       £10.95 incl. p&p
         Follow, Follow    Daryl Runswick
       from Amazon.co.uk



My Choral Adagio arrangements (originally issued by Decca on the CD Adagio for Voices, now deleted)
have been re-issued on CD too many times for me to provide individual links. If you're looking for them
on a download or CD site, try Adagio, Choral Adagios, Most Beautiful Classical Adagios, The Beauty
of Barber
or Chilled Classics.



Many of my 104 pieces for the King's Singers have been available at some time to download or buy the
CD, too many to link to here. I'm present as either arranger, producer, bassplayer, keyboard player or
whistler on the following albums (which may or may not be currently available). There are also the
compilation CDs, on most of which I have something.

New Day
The King's Singers Believe in
A Tribute to The Comedian Harmonists
Watching the White Wheat
Kids Stuff

  The Beatles Connection
My Spirit Sang All Day
A Little Christmas Music
Johann Strauss II
Get Happy
Good Vibrations


Chanson d'Amour
Here's a Howdy-Do
Sermons and Devotions
De Jannequin aux Beatles
Colouring Book
Captain Noah and his
Floating Zoo

❍   JAZZ

The following CDs (they're mostly CDs) and downloads feature my playing and composing, and may be available:

Cleo Laine, I Am A Song
Cleo Laine, Wordsongs
Cleo Laine Live!!! at Carnegie Hall
Cleo Laine, A Beautiful Thing
Cleo Laine, Born On a Friday
Cleo Laine, One More Day
Cleo Laine, many compilations

  John Dankworth, Full Circle
John Dankworth, Lifeline
John Dankworth, Let's Slip Away
Atlantic Bridge, Atlantic Bridge
Henry Lowther, Child Song
Blossom Dearie, That's Just the Way I Want to Be
Bob Downes Open Music, Electric City


Ray Russell, Rites and Rituals
Ray Russell, Live at the ICA
Ray Russell, Secret Asylum
Rock Workshop, Rock Workshop
Phil Woods, Floresta Canto
Georgie Fame,Annie Ross, In Hoagland
John Eardley/Al Haig, Stablemates



I contributed to 7 of these albums: The London Viola, Double Bass, Horn and Trumpet Sounds
(Vols 1 & 2) and A Cello Christmas and Latin Cello, for which I provided all the arrangements.
Please look them out at your usual site.