Mouth Symphony

CoMA Ensemble  

from the Humours of Daryl Runswick CD


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Daryl Runswick writes: Mouth Symphony is a piece for a large body of unaccompanied voices, but I would not describe them as a choir. For a start, although they are divided into groups, the division is not by voice-type. Secondly there is not a lot of singing in Mouth Symphony: it's mostly whispering, grunting, shouting, humming... performable, therefore, by people who are not primarily vocalists.

There are four sections, slow–fast–slow–fast, performed without a break.





Performers: Gill Alcock, John Alexander, Kerry Andrews, Agatha Athanaze, Shruti Bhargava,
Paul Burnell, Diana Burrell, Beatriz Echeverri, David Elliot, Stephanie Ellis, Johanna Farrer,
Simon Foxley, Sarah Gall, Anne Garlick, Kate Gittins, Katie Halley, Liz Herbert, Anna Hodson,
Dick Hodson, Hilary Holloway, Christine Jeanneret, Colin Johnson, Howard Jones, Mary King,
Andy Kirkham, Heather Laing, Daniel Lloyd, Chris Long, Corinna Marlowe, Sarah Marrion,
Patsy Moore, Andrew Morris, Josephine Nugent, Frances Pace, David Penri-Evans,
Audrey Podmore, Roderick Powell, Margaret Quail, Piers Quick, Harvey Rhodes, Chris Shurety,
Thierry Simonot, Jonathan Ticher, Jo de Waal, Jacqueline Walsh, Alan Warner, Bob Wharton,
Tom Whitehouse, Joanne Whitworth, Anne Willie, Mimi Wong.

Recorded at St Silas the Martyr, Kentish Town, London, 1995.
Engineer Mike Skeet. Produced by Daryl Runswick.

This composition and recording are covered by copyright.