I Am A Donut

Recording 1 conducted by

Daryl Runswick  
from the Humours of Daryl Runswick CD
Recording 2 conducted by
Gregory Rose

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The title is a translation of 'Ich bin ein Berliner'. John F Kennedy said this by mistake in an oration at the Brandenburg Gate in 1963, when he should have said 'Ich bin Berliner' ('I am from Berlin'). Ein Berliner is a jam doughnut, as a Frankfurter is a sausage and a Hamburger is a – well, a hamburger.

So by the accidental inclusion of 'ein' Kennedy actually said 'I am a donut.' Many sycophantic websites exist today denying this undeniable fact. And my piece? Well, it's a concerto grosso: a Brandenburger.


The ripieno group in I Am A Donut consists of three improvising
soloists. Both performances here contain wonderful impro, but
that by the Trinity students is particularly brilliant.


[ 1 ]    Klangforum Wien    
conducted by Daryl Runswick       

Eva Furrer, flute
Erik Kern, trumpet
Donna Wagner, bass clarinet

[ 2 ]    Trinity College of Music
Contemporary Ensemble

conducted by Gregory Rose      

Alessandra Rombolà, flute
?, trumpet [please help, he's fantastic!]
Gareth Davies, bass clarinet


[ 1 ] Recorded live at the Mozartsaal, Vienna, Austria, 21st March 1993.
Engineer Peter Böhm. Produced by Daryl Runswick.

[ 2 ] Recorded live at Hinde Street Church, London, 11th March 1999.
Engineer Kit Venables.


This composition and these recordings are covered by copyright.