Dicing with De'Ath

Recording 1
Daryl Runswick, piano x4  

from the Overlays CD
Recording 2
Nikos Veliotis, cello x4


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Dicing with De'Ath is a 26-minute improvisation piece for 4 performers.
Each player improvises freely for six exactly-specified periods of time and
is silent for the remainder. Daryl Runswick arrived at the timings by
throwing a dice on Christmas Eve 1998. The resultant score contains solos,
duets, trios and one section of 40 seconds where everyone plays at once.
There are also 3 periods of total 'silence'. The performers have two
instructions only: 1) perform for the exact periods of time specified;
2) ignore the other performers.

Instruction 2) makes this a very good piece for a solo musician to multitrack.
You record each part without listening to what you've already done.
Daryl Runswick did his version in this way, in four single takes. Nikos
Veliotis recorded 24 short improvisations and put them in the right places
during post production.



Daryl Runswick      26'12

Nikos Veliotis   26'01



This composition and both recordings
are covered by copyright.

Recorded at Livingstone Studios, East Barnet, London, 1971. Engineer unknown. Produced by Daryl Runswick.