Daryl Runswick
Some early recordings

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The London Jazz Four
Ken Wheeler & Co with Tubby Hayes
The Ian Hamer Sextet



MacArthur Park
by Jim Webb     
The London Jazz Four

Without Her
by Harry Nilsson          
The London Jazz Four

One for Gordon
by Daryl Runswick       
Ken Wheeler & Co

by Daryl Runswick      
The Ian Hamer Sextet

The London Jazz Four are Jim Philip, flute, soprano sax, tenor sax; Mike McNaught, musical director, piano; Daryl Runswick, double bass; and Mike Travis, drums. MacArthur Park recorded live at The Hopbine, Wembley, London, 13.1.70 . Without Her BBC Radio Jazz Club recorded 14.5.69, venue unknown. These are the earliest jazz recordings included on my website, and the only ones of me playing with my great friend Mike Travis, a drummer with a completely unique conception that I always admired, and more and more so as the years pass.

Ken Wheeler & Co are Kenny Wheeler, trumpet; Tubby Hayes, tenor sax; Chris Pyne, trombone; Pat Smythe, piano; Daryl Runswick, double bass; and Spike Wells, drums. BBC Radio Jazz Club recorded at the Camden Theatre, London, 8.5.72 . The group Coe, Wheeler & Co occasionally played without Tony Coe, when he was unavailable – the dep was just about acceptable! The late Pat Smythe was not only the pianist but in fact the bandleader. He was a great champion of my playing. The Gordon of the title is Gordon Beck (see below).

The Ian Hamer Sextet are Ian Hamer, trumpet; Art Themen, soprano sax; Chris Pyne, trombone; Gordon Beck, Rhodes electric piano; Daryl Runswick, double bass; and Spike Wells, drums. BBC Jazz in Britain recorded at Golders Green Hippodrome, London, 22.5.74 . I played The Bull's Head pub many times with this hard-swinging band, revelling in the bass/drums brotherhood with Spike Wells. I regret that this is the only recording of myself and the great Gordon Beck playing together.

Of the musicians on this page Tubby Hayes, Chris Pyne and Pat Smythe are no longer with us. Pat, a chain-smoker, developed lung cancer, but when it became obvious there was no hope he began smoking again. I hope his final days were the more comfortable.

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