From this page you can access many different examples of my music. There's so much of it I've decided to subdivide the links. Follow them and eventually...

I'm currently working as and when I can to add pages to this site. Apologies that not everything advertised is currently available.

The whole point about me is
that you can't put what I do in pigeonholes. So the subdivisions here are in some ways arbitrary. Since 1975 I've been putting improvisation into my 'concert' pieces. Since 1969 I've been structuring my pop songs and
jazz compositions like art music. Recently (since the millennium,
say) this situation has become
so acute as to make subdivisions irrelevant anyway. Where does
Play That Weird Minor go? – it
fits in neither jazz, concert or songs. The answer is: it goes in New Developments.

New Developments

Songs (Crabbe/Runswick)

Concert music

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Electric Phoenix    in preparation

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