Christmas Presence

Bob Chilcott The BBC Singers

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Daryl Runswick writes: In the late autumn of 2002 I had a long affectionate lunch with Bob Chilcott at a Turkish restaurant in St Christopher's Place, London. We'd known one another for years, and while he was director of The King's Singers Bob commissioned many arrangements from me. Now no longer a KS, he told me he was to conduct a Christmas concert in Leeds Parish Church with the BBC Singers, and needed a choral fanfare to open procedings. Would I be interested in providing one? Christmas Presence was the result – a quasi-pagan celebration for the entire assembled forces in Leeds: choir, brass, percussion and organ.



From shrine from shingle screaming clattering
From stile from chimney streaming scattering
From catafalque from meteor shower
From magnetron from maiden's bower
Come welcome
Come shout welcome
Yule's King

From cloud from cuckoo gobbling shimmering
From crack from curry bubbling simmering
From mother earth from Venus flower
From ducking stool from sweet and sour
Come welcome
Come shout welcome
Yule's Queen and King

From text from rapture bleeping gibbering
From high antenna creeping dithering
From scanner screen from phantom power
From data stream from ivory tower
Come welcome
Come shout welcome
Come shout joyous welcome
Yule's Princess
Queen and scurvy King


Recorded by the BBC at Leeds Parish Church, 2002.

This text, music and recording are covered by copyright.