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Many recordings exist of my 'concert' music: here are a few (quite a few!) I've arranged them in reverse order of recording date (BUT the earlier stuff is just as good as the more recent!) As more recordings accrue I'll add them here.

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2017      Capricci                              
                         For any solo instrument of the string family. Written in 2014,
                         played here by myself on double bass.

2016      Zany                              
                         My 1975 modernist dance piece, revived for the first time.
                         The London Sinfonietta conducted by myself.

2015      Viola Sonata                                           
                         In memory of my friend John Rolton.
                         Performed by Caleb Sibley and Aleksander Szram.

                     Life, suddenly                                           
                         New song cycle (composed 2013) with texts by Alison Truefitt.
                         Performed by Alison and myself.

2014      The Phoenix and the Turtle                                           
                         My 1977 setting of Shakespeare's weird and atmospheric poem                          for vocal consort, percussion and double bass. Newly recorded                          by London Voices and myself.

2013      Smart Songs                                          
                         Song cycle, settings of the poems of Elizabeth Smart. Composed                          in 2009 for my wife, Alison Truefitt. The vagaries of female old                          age and creativity. Performed by Alison and myself.

                     Third Sonata                                          Download!
                         For piano. My 2003-4 two-hour manifesto for the concept of                          composed/improvised music. Two of the six parts, Navratilova                          and Blueprint, performed live in concert by Aleksander Szram.

2012      Sonata for Solo Double Bass
                         Begun in 1981 and abandoned for 30 years, completed                          in 2012 and recorded on my electric double bass.

2011      Into the Miraculous
                         Limited edition CD containing accidental counterpoints,                          Flute Sonata and Island (for individual works see below).

2010      Scafra Preludes                               Download!
                         Twelve big piano pieces (my '48', more than an hour's music)                          written over a ten year period, 1995-2005, newly recorded by                          Aleksander Szram.

2006     accidental counterpoints     Download!
                         Song cycle for female voice and string quartet written in 1998.                          Performed here by Sally Burgess and the Smith Quartet.

       Gentle do not care to know...
                         Piano piece in a romantic style, written for              Download!
                         my father. Performed by Aleksander Szram.

       Island                                               Download!
                         Song cycle for male voice and piano written in 2002.
                         Performed by Malcolm King and Muriel Bérard.

2005    Flute Sonata                                 Download!
                         Single movement (12 minutes plus) written in 2003 and                          performed by Wissam Boustany and Douglas Finch.

2002    Christmas Presence
                         Choral fanfare with brass, organ and percussion written for                          Bob Chilcott and the BBC Singers in 2002.

       O Clavis David
                         Unaccompanied choral piece written in 1999 for Jeffrey                          Skidmore and Ex Cathedra.

2001    Sonata (Gracing)
                         20-minute improvised scafra sonata for a solo instrument.                          Performed here live in concert by Nikos Veliotis, cello.

2000    World upon World
                         Major symphonic work for large orchestra, 6 improvising                          soloists, children's choir and pre-recorded voices.
                         Performed by the BBC Symphony Orchestra, CoMA soloists                          and CYM choir conducted by the composer.

1999  Marineland
                         Song for voice and piano with text by Richard Stilgoe.                          Performed by Roderick Williams and Iain Burnside.

               Set of 5
                         Five graphic-score improvisation pieces written in 1996.                          Performed by Keith Tippett and Daryl (two pianos)                          (from the Set of 5 CD).

               Moto Interrotto
                         Semi-improvised quasi-concerto for piano and backing written
                         in 1995. Performed by Daryl (from the Overlays CD).

               Moto Ripreso
                         Companion piece to Moto Interrotto written in 1995, wholly
                         improvised with backing. Performed by Daryl
                         (from the Overlays CD).

               Dicing with De'Ath
                         Multitracked improvisation piece written in 1998. Two completely
                         different performances by Daryl (piano, from the Overlays CD)
                         and Nikos Veliotis (cello).

               I Am A Donut 
                         Piece for instrumental ensemble written in 1993. Two
                         performances, one by Klangforum Wien conducted by Daryl
                         (from the Humours of Daryl Runswick CD), one by the Trinity
                         College of Music Contemporary Ensemble conducted by
                         Gregory Rose.

1998    Grunt
                         Electronics, made as a backing for an improvisation piece. Later
                         liberated to stand on its own.

1994    From Two Worlds
                         Piece for 2 Indian musicians and 3 European players,
                         semi-improvised with backing, written in 1990 (from the
                         Humours of Daryl Runswick CD).

1993    Cool>Warm>Hot
                         Solo clarinet piece with multiphonics and micro-intervals, written
                         in 1983. Performed by Andrew Sparling (from the Humours of
                         Daryl Runswick

                         Piece for clarinet quartet written in 1991. Performed by
                         No Strings Attached (from the Humours of Daryl Runswick CD).

                Mouth Symphony
                         Large choral piece with extended vocal techniques, written in
                         1994. Performed by the CoMA Ensemble conducted by the
                         composer (from the Humours of Daryl Runswick CD).

1989    Come On You Arsewalls
                         Electro-acoustic piece made from football chants.

1980 Variations for String Orchestra
                         Daryl does English Pastoral... But these are a mighty set of
                         variations with a rock flavour.