Dance of Stillness  

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Daryl Runswick writes:

This piece was originally written for Electric Phoenix in 1984: it is actually the second movement of I Sing The Body Electric. The person who first thought of performing it separately from the rest of that work was Terry Edwards, and Phoenix gave the premiere of Dance of Stillness (Terry's title) in Liverpool's Catholic Cathedral in 1990. In that form it was performed by the group's four singers, the men overtone-singing and processing their voices in real time through a ring modulator and a long delay, the women improvising melodies on Philip Pacey's text.

It didn't occur to me that Dance of Stillness might go well
In Droves until the show had been up, running and on the road for a couple of years. Anyway I wasn't sure that the signal processing (analogue back in the day) was available to me on a modern laptop. I was delighted to discover it was. I found, operating a small USB control panel, I could do both the signal-processed drone and the melodic improvisation in real time, switching from treated to dry sound and back again as needed. The addition of an instrumental solo was a late idea which transformed the piece from a quietly lyrical 'slow movement' into a much more intense affair.


















                                                             Daryl Runswick: Self-portrait 2011


Dance of Stillness

temple at Suma
there I heard the unblown flute
in deep tree-shadows

        sumadera ya
        fukanu fue kiku
        koshita yami



                I am I
                yet not I but
                all oceans
                essence and eternity in this
                dance of stillness

                        all things singing

                all well, all one
                                                   Philip Pacey



Daryl, signal-processed vocals,
piccolo bass guitar.

Recorded at The DReam Room, London April 2011.

This composition, the recording and the image
are covered by copyright.