Boogie Books

Four books of jazz / pop teaching pieces: BOOGIE FOR BEGINNERS: easy to medium; PLAY BOOGIE: medium to a bit hard; BOOGIE DUETS FOR BEGINNERS: easy to medium; PLAY BOOGIE DUETS: medium to a bit hard. No impro. Pub: Faber Music



Short piece for children's choir and consort of 6 adult voices. Length 10 minutes. Standard, children medium, adults difficult. No impro. Pub: Dazzle Music.

World upon World

Large-scale work for symphony orchestra (non-improvising) children's choir (non-improvising) pre-recorded voices and 6 solo improvisers. Length 35 minutes. Standard, medium. Pub: Dazzle Music.


Follow, Follow

Easy piece for violin, 2nd violin or viola, cello, bass and piano. Length 5 minutes. Standard: grade 3 or lower. No impro. Pub: Dazzle Music.

This Strange Device

for any mixed instrumental/vocal ensemble and child conductors (as many as are available). Length variable (average 5 minutes). Standard: fairly easy for performers, very easy for children. No impro. Pub: Dazzle Music.

Blueprint for Orchestra

Windows piece for symphony orchestra. Overall shape provided: the players compose the texture during rehearsals. Four movements: length 20 minutes. Standard: amateur. Pub: Dazzle Music.


Taking The Air

Youth rock opera in one act on the subjecy of a songwriting contest.
Company piece with 16 short solos. Accomp. ensemble rock group and/or pre-recorded backing. Libretto Maureen Thomas. Length 1 hour. Standard: youth choir. No impro. Pub: Faber Music Ltd.

The Wizard

Children's write-your-own opera in 8 scenes. The story is the quest for a birthday cake for the children's music teacher, who turns out to be The Wizard.
Opening and closing scenes by DR exist, and storylines for the rest. The children create the 6 intervening scenes themselves.
1 adult singer (male or female) and 6 groups of children (10 plus in each group). Piano accompaniment. Libretto of existing sections Daryl Runswick. Length anything from 45 minutes upwards. Standard: easy. Pub: Faber Music Ltd.

see also Music for Recorders