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The King's Singers

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Some Heath Robinson music for 6 voices


I wrote Patents Pending, my suite based on drawings by W Heath Robinson, for the 20th Anniversary Concert of The King's Singers at the Barbican Concert Hall, London, in 1988. The title was provided by Judith Rees. This recording is of the World Premiere from that evening. It was a gala occasion introduced by Prunella Scales (below) who is heard announcing the sections. The drawings from which the music comes
were projected on a giant screen, and as each one arrives you can hear the audience's appreciation of the picture, then of the music.

  The King's Singers on this recording are Jeremy
  Jackman, Al Hume, Bob Chilcott, Bruce Russell,
  Simon Carrington and Stephen Connolly.

  Also in that concert was a confection of mine,
  A Surprise Re-union, in which every King's
  Singer, past and present up to that time, took
  part. Again, Prunella Scales was the announcer.
  I append it here for its curiosity value.


by Simon Carrington

Patents Pending 18'10




































































A Surprise Re-union    13'44















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