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by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart        4'58

Mozart was an improvising pianist. You should improvise
when you're playing Mozart's piano concertos.
This is the slow movement of K595 performed on electric
piano with synthesised backing.

Recorded at The DReam Room, London, 2008.

Sixes & Sevens
by Daryl Runswick       6'01  

A six-beat bar, a seven-bar sequence.

Recorded at The DReam Room, London, August 2010.

by Daryl Runswick       4'44

Named after Jymie Merritt, a fine jazz bass player whose
composition Nommo I raided for a lick in this piece.

Recorded live at The Stables, Wavendon, England, 2nd February 2010.
Engineer Mike Skeet.

To You
by Daryl Runswick       7'51

Written and recorded in December 2004, the year
of my marriage to Alison Truefitt.

Recorded at The DReam Room, London.


These compositions and recordings are covered by copyright.