The Daryl Runswick Quintet 1972

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Henry Lowther, trumpet, flugelhorn
Mike Osborne, alto sax
John Taylor, piano
Daryl Runswick, double bass
John Marshall, drums

by Daryl Runswick      

The Generals of Islamabad
by Daryl Runswick      

I thought this BBC Radio Jazz Club from 1972 was lost, but Gavin J Moore got in touch and has provided what we have here. It is precious to me because it is the only record I have of John Marshall playing in my jazz group, and more, the only recorded instance of the late, great John Taylor and me playing together at all (it did happen, many times, unrecorded). Gavin provided the three numbers broadcast on 12th March 1972, only one of them complete. The first, Precise, is so incomplete I haven't put it up here. Anyway you can hear it here. The third, The Generals of Islamabad (a title I picked at random from the Guardian's front page) fades out during the drum solo but is worth your attention, I think. You can hear a big band version of this tune here. The second tune, Darlington, also appears in a big band version on John Dankworth's album Lifeline.

I've found images of the players much as they would have looked in 1972. The LP cover for Henry's Child Song is of sentimental value as I am the bassplayer on that album.


Recorded by BBC Radio Jazz Club, early 1972.

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