Alison's Piano Book

Aleksander Szram, piano

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At the very beginning of our relationship (2001-2) Alison asked me to give her some of my piano music to play. I started looking for appropriate stuff and very soon had enough to make a whole book of occasional pieces. Here are four of them played by Aleks.

Landscape with Slow Pan.

Two streams of softly atmospheric music alternating, one a passage of twelve chords which shrinks gradually to a single one, the other a single note which expands to a melody.

Bells for Mrs Downey.

In 2001 I received the news that Irusha, wife of the American composer John Downey, had died some months after the couple had visited Trinity College of Music in London at my invitation. I sent this piece to John with my letter of condolence. It is based on a cryptogram of Irusha's name.


I wrote this piece for Alison and me to play at christmas 2002 when we had two pianos available (and it was snowing). Each part is the same, but to play the second you turn the music upside down. In this recording Aleks plays both parts and the two pianos are panned left and right.


Aleks plays Alex! This piece (dating from 1978-9) is a portrait of my two-year-old daughter Alexandra. Now a grown woman and CEO of Unlock Democracy, the music still fits her like a glove.