Daryl Runswick
The King's Singers

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   Here are some leftovers
   – but rather special ones.


Two Hoagy Carmichael arrangements

[ 1 ]    Georgia On My Mind

    I made a whole suite of Hoagy Carmichael numbers but these two are among the only ones to be recorded. A third is I Get Along Without You Very Well, which appears on the Chanson d'Amour CD. Here Brian Kay gives one of his greatest renditions on record. Note the little quotes from Leiber/Stoller's Kansas City Blues here and there.

[ 2 ]    Lazy Bones/Up a Lazy River

    Bill Ives begins this tiny medley, while Tony Holt is the soloist in the second part of a duo of 'lazy' Carmichael songs. The King's Singers on these recordings are Jeremy Jackman, Al Hume, Bill Ives, Tony Holt, Simon Carrington and Brian Kay. They've never swung harder.

A nearly-almost-might-have-been

[ 3 ]    White Christmas

    This is the record that was never issued; the other one that was never issued... I explain why this track got omitted from A Little Christmas Music here. Now you can listen to it uncensored. Bruce Russell sings the main solo while Bob Chilcott takes the middle 'verse' section. The King's Singers for this track are Jeremy Jackman, Al Hume, Bob Chilcott, Bruce Russell, Simon Carrington and Stephen Connolly.

A demo

[ 4 ]    Agnus Dei

    In 1994 I suddenly thought to myself, 'If Adiemus can have enormous hits with quasi-religious classic/rock, why on earth can't The King's Singers?' I decided to write them just such a piece. Knowing their King's College background I opted for a Christian setting – a Mass, basically – which I was going to call Communion. I actually composed the opening Agnus Dei and planned a Gloria: then other things got in the way and the project went no further. I thought you might like to hear my demo of the Agnus Dei, sung by myself of course. I wonder how it would have sold...

A Tempus Fugit fugitive

[ 5 ]    The Boxer

    No, no, THIS is the record that was never issued. It comes from the sessions for that weird album Tempus Fugit but didn't make it onto the vinyl. In my opinion it's no worse than the other tracks... The King's Singers for this track are Nigel Perrin, Al Hume, Alistair Thompson, Tony Holt, Simon Carrington and Brian Kay.